Mercy Mission

In the service of love for Aetas-people



On picture: Aeta women in Salag

The Ati people reportedly came to the Philippines several thousand years ago and are their indigenous people. They are very poor and live on the bottom layer of society, of what nature has to offer. In most cases, they are excluded from society. Many are low-educated and find it difficult to get a job. Therefore, as a mission we go in and support primary school education, etc., to give them a brighter future.
We distribute food parcels every month to Aetas in the village of Salag and Backhaw we provide medicine to the extent necessary. Our help organization has purchased school uniforms for children who started their education. Through help from several people, we have been able to give them nice clothes and hygiene articles to change their situation.
Every Tuesday we take them to our services in Pentacostal church in (Banban). Here they have been able to grow in faith and the Christian life.


We are a small help organization but with a big heart.