Mercy Mission's founder and missionary

Miraculously healed as newborn

I would like to give you my testimony, how the Lord called me.
Even when I was born, doctors thought that I would die. I had lung, heart and liver failure. The prognosis for me to survive was minimal. My parents were both saved and committed their church to pray for me. But the real turnaround for me came when my parents transferred me to the Lord. They told him. - If our son just shall live, you take care of him the rest of his life. Then began a miracle take place, and very soon I had to leave the hospital and come home.

The decision to follow Jesus

The Lord really had his hand over my life from the beginning. Early on, I realized that he had a special plan for my life. At a camp at the age of 9, I took the final decision to follow the Lord. And a year later I baptized me.

Early on, I experienced the Lord spoken to in my life. One night after I went to bed, the Lord spoke to me with an audible voice, which he wanted me to continue witnessing at school and then become a missionary.

Another evening, I taught my mother two hours graces with inspiration from the Holy Spirit.

I testified about Jesus in school, and dreamed of one day becoming a missionary. I began to feel a desire to evangelize in India. At the same time I started to get depressed and pretty soon I had serious mental problems. The devil tried to destroy my early life in every way. Tough childhood memories and the other succeeded each other. My parents had divorced when I was four.

As a teenager, I moved with my mother, and then went into a church that was very unhealthy with visions and revelations. I felt that I lost my footing before so confident faith. But the Lord was always there, and saw my heart of wanting to live wholeheartedly for him.

School Bible Studies and mission work in India

Despite my problems, I started Bible school, and when the opportunity arose, I went on the team to India. We saw many saved and healed on this trip, despite this continued my mental problems. After I established contact with the Indians I met, we started our missionary work Mercy Mission 1995. With evangelistic work in the southern Indian state of Kerala, as well as food distribution to poor families.
We got to see a lot of people to be saved and have their lives changed. But the mind was not better. Despite prayer and therapy, I felt so bad that I had to start eating medicine.

Missionary work in the Philippines

2012 I started and my wife is also a relief work among Aetasfolket in the Philippines. Where we later had to ask for salvation and baptism of twenty five people. Now at the age of 46 years after living in the Philippines for one and a half years, I plan and my family to move back to Sweden. I still grappling with mental health problems, but it has not prevented the Lord from being able to use me during all these years. We do not always understand why we still have to contend with weakness in our life, why we can not win in some areas. But we can be certain that the Lord can and want to use us anyway, we just have a heart to follow and serve Him.

God can use you despite your weakness

Your weakness is not a reason not to follow your calling. Too many Christians sit in their churches and do not dare to follow their vocation, perhaps p.ga weakness in his own life. It is tragic, we need to do everything possible to witness to Jesus, whether you do it in Sweden or any other country. Jesus is coming very soon, we have no time to think about whether we should go or not. We have to start walking, then we will also see that the word is to be trusted.

                 / Jörgen