Mercy Mission

In the service of love for Aetas-people


During the years that we have been working to help the Aeta people, with your help we have carried out a number of humanitarian and evangelical projects some of which we present here on this page.

In April - 2016, we bring about fifteen Aeta youths at a Christian camp, where many Christian youths from different churches gathered. It was both fun and good for these young people to meet others of the same age. It was the first time that Aeta young people were  in such a camp and were gathered together with the ordinary population.

With your help we have built a toilet for Aetas in Backhaw. The sanitary conditions there been very bad and the people made their needs a little everywhere. Now we have been able to prevent the spread of diseases through feces.

Here is a satisfied dad Laloy together with his daughters Angelica and Erica who received school uniforms from us. (Two more boys have received uniforms from us)

Florence Dad Ernesto Hervilla has received monthly help for medicine. In the picture he is very ill. But thanks to medicine and prayers, he feels good today.

Amalia had problems with the blood, and we had to give her a blood transfusion. The mission helped with the cost of hospital care, medicine and transfusion. This saved her life. She feels good today.

Vincent was attaced by a drunk men who cut him in the neck with a machetas. We contributed hospital care and medicine, which saved his life.

We distribute food monthly to about ten Ati families

Here we give lunch to the Ati families

We have provided money for help to livelyhood projects among Aetas. Here, Mayline has been able to buy material to manufacture handicrafts that she selling.

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