Mercy Mission

In the service of love for Aetas-people

The Lord answers prayer

Every week, a group of Aetas travels from Guimara's boat to Iloilo to sell herbal medicines that they produce. This day, Maritess's Child Girl Angelica's mother was there to sell. The heat lay on it can be quite hot in the days here. Maritess asked the Lord.
- Can you give me some coolness, it's very hot. Suddenly a cloud drifts over where she stands. She thanks the Lord. Then she asks the Lord, I need to sell more today to be able to pay my electricity bill. A minute later, a person arrives and deals with her for 500 pesos. She thanks the Lord but sees that the money will not be enough. She asks again. - Can you give me some more. A while later, a person arrives and hands over an envelope. She and her oldest daughter Enrika look at the envelope before they open it. Then they see 8000 pesos lying there. (about 1500 SEK) She is overjoyed and praises the Lord for the miracle.

Maritess and children in our home. ( Maritess locking in to the camera)

29 Jul 2019